Steve Kraft

 Steve Kraft

 Steve Was Born in Elmhurst, IL and lived in Villa Park, IL for five years. My family Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Judy Kraft and brother Mark Kraft moved to Lombard IL. In 1974 I received another little brother named Brian. We all grew up together and I graduated from Glenbard East High School. I lived there till I was 21. That is when I married On October 10th, 1987  Theresa Davis. We moved to Addison, IL into a small 1 bedroom apartment. Stayed there a year and then moved to Downers Grove, IL. We ran into difficulties and separated for a short time. We got back together in 1994 and moved to my current home in Aurora. I divorced Tracy in Nov 2009 and I had been single ever since. I love Computers. I ran Gangland BBS (Aurora, Il has a number of Gangs)  a while back but gave it up to pursue life on the internet. I broadcast a music stream, a newz stream and a video feed to from my basement studio. I have been around computers ever since the Atari 400/800 series came out.

Here's some of my past...

My first Car in 1983 - A 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner with a 360 CI HP Engine 0-60 in 5.4 seconds

One of the baddest street Rods in LombardTearing up the streets of LombardI was Very Fast


My First Truck a 1993 Nissian King Cab 4x4 Pickup bought NEW

(The truck was about 8 years old in these pics)


 My First Computer The Atari 800(it still works but is boxed away in the attic)

This computer was based around the MOS 6502 8 bit Processor and had 48K Ram TOTAL and NO Hard drive

It ran at a speedy 1.79MHZ 


Computer Studio



 Radio Email