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Donate Your Dollars Today !
  Running a 24hr online radio station is expensive. The cost of electricity, which has to power many computers and equipment on a daily Basis has become rather expensive. Computers Break down and need to be repaired. They also need to be upgraded periodically to improve service. 

Recently we Built a new server, and moved our internet connection over to AT&T Gig Fiber to supply MSNBC that costs $170 a month and Com ED take around $170 a month for electric. The Internet upgrade alone guarentees us 100% uptime service now. Before on Comcast Business we were having service outages several times a week.
If you enjoy our service feel free to donate any amount Of money you wish. Even if its just a mere 5 dollars this Accumulates if 30 or 40 people do the same. Donations can be made utilizing If you are not a member sign up and flow over your dollars today ! Thank you in advance :)

Don't delay donate today ! and of course larger sums are always welcomed !! Send Your Pennies Today !!

We can now accept checks / cash / money order donations please make out all checks to Steve Kraft. If your decide to send cash please make sure to mask the contents of the letter. It may be pillaged before it could arrive to us :) Here is our mailing address below

Steve Kraft

836 Sard Ave

Aurora, IL 60506-5944


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