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 Have you ever tried to connect to our MSNBC server to find out it's full. Here you are dieing to get your MSNBC fix and the server is full. Well your could keep trying to connect tying up your day, you could wait and try to get in later, missing all that news in the meantime OR avoid this by joining the
The Subscription Service will allow you to connect to our Shoutcast server even if it's Full.
For the small subscription of $2 a month or $10 a year you can have your IP address added to a list on the server that will allow you to jump right in and start receiving our stream EVEN IF THE SERVER IS FULL.  

For those listeners that have dynamic IP address (ones that change)
We have added a third MSNBC server that will be unpublished for subscribers that don't have a static IP address

The subscription auto renews at the end of the period and you must return here and unsubscribe.
Payment Options

You may cancel at any time and you will not be charged for any more renewals.

Please click this link to display your internet IP address. Do it from the computer that you plan on listening to the stream with.

After Subscribing Please Email your IP Address to

If you don't want to join the subscription service but would like to make a donation please do so HERE.

Don't delay sign up today ! If you don't feel confortable signing up online or don't have a credit card We can now accept checks / cash / money order donations please make out all checks to Steve Kraft. If your decide to send cash please make sure to mask the contents of the letter. It may be pillaged before it could arrive to us :) Here is our mailing address below

 Steve Kraft

836 Sard Ave

Aurora, IL 60506-5944


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